Accommodation in Malaysia for International Students

In this post, we are going to talk about accommodation in Malaysia for international students. If you are someone who is planning to migrate to Malaysia for higher education, then we believe this post will be very important for them. So, stay tuned and read this valuable post until the end.


If you migrate to Malaysia as a single student, then you can request hostel facilities from your university. Most of the Malaysian universities offer this hostel facility to international students. It is a budget-friendly option where you can stay there for a lower cost than outside accommodations. You only need around 400–1500 ringits per month for a single room in a university hostel. But if you can share it with someone, then the cost can be further reduced.


If you are a couple, then you can’t apply for university hostels most of the time because these hostels are made according to gender. On those occasions, couples need to find suitable accommodation from the outside that is suited for them


If you are seeking outside accommodations, then you must find a suitable place that is not far from your university. Otherwise, you have to spend your time on transportation. Once you can’t find a nearby place, you should find a place with good transport facilities to your university.


Always try to find an accommodation within walking distance. If not, find a place that is relatively close to a LRT train station. Once you can’t find a place with these options, try to find a nearby MRT or bus station.


In Malaysia, you can’t book accommodation directly; for that, you should find an agent. But it is not a difficult task. Many agents will find well-matched accommodations according to your requirements.


If you stay in a single room in a rented apartment, then you will have to pay around 400–2800 ringgit per month. But if you can share it with someone, then it can be reduced to 200–1000 ringits per month.


Most of the international students in Malaysia choose large condominiums as their accommodations. It is a superb choice, costing around 600–5000 ringits for a single person and 400–3000 ringits for sharing. Condominiums are also well-suited for couples. It is less expensive compared to the other rental apartments in Malaysia, which have more facilities. Most of those condominiums are situated near the LRT stations, where students can easily come to their universities with no trouble.


As international students, we advise you not to book apartments before you come to Malaysia. If you are a couple, then you can book a budget hotel near your university. For that, you can use a website like booking.com, Agoda, or Airbnb. Later, you can choose a well-matched accommodation for you after your first two-day university process. At Agape Education, we will help and guide our students through this step, and they do not need to worry here.


After you land in Malaysia, you have to visit your university and complete its registration process, visa process, and medical test. After that, you can visit outside the university and find your accommodation. When you come to this step, you will have a Malaysian mobile number with you. Therefore, it’s easy to deal with agents.


Before booking accommodation, you have to give your mobile number, name, and other details to them. Most of the time, you have to deposit the agent before you stay in the accommodation. The deposits include an advanced rental of one month, a deposit of two months, and a help payment of monthly utility rentals.


Iproperty is the best and most used for finding accommodation in Malaysia. On there, you can choose the best places according to your preferred location and budget. As well, you can find the agent’s WhatsApp number through it. Anyhow, there are so many other websites also available for finding accommodations in Malaysia.


The cost of accommodations will also vary depending on your lifestyle, the required facilities, and the city in which you are planning to stay. You should also note that accommodations in Kuala Lampur (the capital of Malaysia) are much higher than in other places in this country.


As an international student, you should always try the university hostels. It is really easy and low-cost. As well, if you can share your room or apartment with someone or your friends, you can also reduce the cost of accommodation in Malaysia.


At Agape Education, we help all of our international students find the best accommodations for them. It is a huge benefit for our students. You can also choose us as your trusted Malaysian education consultant. It doesn’t matter whether you are from anywhere on the globe. Here, we are waiting for help and to guide you.


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