Student Consultation

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We will walk you through the entire process of migration and pathways, we make sure after the consultation session we will be able to see the bigger picture of the migration process Book a free consultation session

E - Visa Services

In today’s world, every moment is precious. For those who need a visa application proceed as fast as can be, we will ensure you have all the information and guidance beforehand in order to proceed with the visa

Student Migration Consultation

Choosing a course of study in a new country can be daunting,with so many quality options available

If you’re not sure where to start, or if you think you know where you’re going but seeking for expert advise first, then speak with us before you apply. 

The entire counseling process including university application services are FREE OF CHARGE ! Don’t worry, we don’t charge you a single penny.

University Spot Admission

Getting a admission from a university may take some time and sometime it could be difficult without assistance to be eligible for the program some students are looking. we at Agape we assist our students to get their university spot admission within few days since we are experience with the University eligibility process and requirements from the different faculty

IELTS preparation classes

The IELTS test assesses students in four areas, Listening, reading, speaking and writing….with study with agape IELTS preparation classes, you will be given the skills and knowledge need to help you succeed in your exam