Launch Your US Degree in Malaysia: Explore INTI’s AUP Program for International Students!

Are you an international student dreaming of a prestigious American university degree? INTI International University’s American University Program (AUP) can make that dream a reality! This program allows you to begin your journey towards a US or Canadian bachelor’s degree right here in Malaysia.

Why Choose INTI’s AUP for International Students?

There are many benefits to starting your US education at INTI:

  • Global Education, Local Start: Get a head start on your American degree in a welcoming and familiar environment.
  • Course Variety: Explore a wide range of subjects! AUP offers programs in business, engineering, computers, and many more.
  • Flexible Transfer Options: Choose when to move to your American or Canadian university – after year 2, 3, or even 4!
  • Seamless Credit Transfer: No worries about wasted credits! INTI has partnerships with over 300 US and Canadian universities, ensuring your courses transfer smoothly.
  • Expert Support: Getting settled, applying to universities, and navigating visas can be challenging. INTI’s AUP team is here to guide you every step of the way.
  • Scholarship Potential: Being an AUP student opens doors to special scholarships offered by INTI’s partner universities. This can significantly reduce your education costs!

What to Expect in the AUP Program

The AUP program typically takes four years to complete. You’ll be studying at INTI’s modern campuses in Malaysia with qualified instructors. The curriculum is specifically designed to prepare you for success at your chosen American or Canadian university.

Is AUP Right for You?

If you’re an international student who wants a US or Canadian degree but prefers to begin your studies in a supportive environment, INTI’s AUP is ideal! It offers a smooth pathway to your chosen university while giving you the flexibility to choose your transfer year.

Take the First Step Towards Your American Dream!

Ready to explore your options? Contact Agape Education to discover more about the program, course options, and the application process. INTI’s AUP program can be the steppingstone to your American dream – start your journey in Malaysia today!