What is the Weather like in Malaysia?

Malaysian weather is generally hot and humid, with lots of sunshine all year round. Here’s a breakdown to help you get ready for it:


  1. Temperature:

Malaysia’s location near the equator means you can expect warm temperatures at all times. The usual daily high varies between 29°C (84°F) to 34°C (93°F). There isn’t a big difference between the seasons, but nights can sometimes feel cooler, dropping to around 23°C (73°F)

2) Rainfall:

In Malaysia, you should anticipate frequent rainfall because of the tropical climate. Do not be shocked by sudden afternoon downpours! However, these showers typically don’t last long and sun follows them. The rainiest months are commonly from November to March.

3) Humidity:

It’s essential to get used to the humidity, which can be really high, mainly in coastal spots. This can make the warm temperatures feel even hotter. Think about bringing along light, breathable outfits produced from natural fibers like cotton.

4) Regional Variations:

Although the general weather is quite similar nationwide, there are certain slight regional changes. Mountainous regions usually tend to be cooler, while coastal spots tend to be a little warmer. Penang Island in the north experiences slightly less rain compared to the mainland.


Below are a few tips for adjusting to Malaysia’s weather conditions:

* Pack light, breathable attire and cozy shoes for strolling.
* Bring an umbrella or raincoat for the frequent showers.
* A reusable water bottle is vital to keep hydrated in the heat.
* Do not neglect sunscreen! The UV index is high all year round.
* Think about buying a portable fan for additional comfort, particularly in dormitories.


In general, Malaysia’s warm and sunny climate is a plus for numerous students. Frequent rainfall helps maintain a fresh atmosphere and encourages lush greenery. By packing correctly and keeping yourself hydrated, you’ll be well on the way to appreciating the tropical weather while pursuing your education in Malaysia!