Why did you select Agape Education as your trusted Malaysian education consultant?

As we highlighted earlier, Malaysia stands out as an excellent destination for acquiring a high-quality education and migrating easily. If you are someone who is aspiring to study in Malaysia, you can choose Agape Education as your trusted education consultant.

In the current landscape, you can contact so many agencies and individuals as your Malaysian education consultants. You can interact with them physically or through social media channels. In this post, we are going to discuss why we are different from those other agencies and individuals. You should also note that Agape Education is not an agency. We are an education consulting firm that guides students during their student visa process.

Some of the students have lost their money because they chose the wrong agencies and people. We can surely say that we are not such an agency. You can decide after reading the post. So, if you are a person who still doubts choosing us, we suggest you refer to this post until the last word.


1) 100% Free Consultation

If a student inquires about the education opportunities in Malaysia, we are fully committed to offering guidance on program selection, choosing the optimal university in Malaysia, available scholarship opportunities, tuition fees, and much more. We offer all these insights without charging the students a cent. We conduct this consultation session through the Zoom platform, where students can also discuss their matters with our experts. Students can then make the decision whether to migrate to Malaysia or not to study.


2) Years of Experience

Agape Education embarked on its operations in 2018, and we are very pleased to report our ongoing success and growth. Since 2018, we have guided more than 200 students to successfully transition to Malaysia. Further, we have expanded our service into the global market, assisting groups of international students to achieve their educational goals in Malaysia.


3) Comprehensive Support from Beginning to End

Once students make the decision to pursue their higher education in Malaysia, we diligently assist them in obtaining university offer letters, completing the visa process, and submitting other requisite documents. As a trusted education consultant, we support students from the beginning until they migrate to Malaysia.


4) Continued Assistance Upon Arrival in Malaysia

Our representatives will pick up all our students at the Malaysian airport with a warm welcome. Since then, he will assist you in reaching your chosen university while selecting accommodation options and other situations at the beginning. Students will have a great chance to embark on an informative tour with our representative. Here, we entrust our students’ safety to Malaysia.


5) Collaboration with a Diverse Range of Malaysian Universities

Agape Education has established partnerships with many Malaysian universities, which you can explore on the page ‘Our Partners‘ of this website. Our representatives closely interact with university representatives so we can inform students about tuition fees, available scholarship opportunities, diverse study programs, and many other details.


We hope these facts will empower you to decide whether to choose Agape Education as your Malaysian education consultant or not.


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